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Sale at Kay Kraft

Sale at Kay Kraft

To pay homage to the month that signifies the beginning of our march to independence, boutique Kay Kraft will be offering a twenty percent discount on all items from 15 March 2010.

This offer will be available at all outlets with the exception of Deshi Dosh.

Available on sale will be cotton and endi shalwar kameez, women's tops, fatua, skirts, saris in cotton, endi and silk, and men's fatuas, shirts, panjabis, short panjabis, t-shirts and children's wear.

Also available are bed linens, upholstery, tablemats, napkins, wooden photo frames, mirrors, trays etc.

Be sure to pay KK a visit while the sale is on.

Tourist Spot - Bangladesh: Abhayanagar, Jessore

Bangladesh Tourist Spot: Abhayanagar, Jessore

The 11 temples of Abhayanagar









Location: Bhatpara, Abhayanagar, Jessore

Inside the deepest, muddiest and darkest roads of Jessore, right at the heart of Abhaynagar upazila, lies the village of Bhatpara. Therein lies a beautiful temple complex consisting of 11 temples dedicated to Lord Shiv. Although the temples are in a dilapidated state today, one can easily comprehend their grandeur, being once adorned with beautiful terracotta plaques.

Under the orders of Raja Nilkontho Rai, his dewan, Horiram Mitra, had built the 11 temples, as a dedication to Lord Shiv, between 1745 and 1764.

There is an interesting mythology connected to the construction of the 11 temples. According to the myth, the Raja did not have any children and had prayed to Shiv for a daughter. The Raja promised that if his wishes were fulfilled, he would wed his daughter to the God.

Shiv heard the Raja's calling and soon the Raja had a daughter. The daughter was named, “Abhaya” and from her came the name of the region, “Abhayanagar.” Bearing his promise in mind, the Raja wed his daughter to Shiv and the 11 temples were built as temple-house for the newly wedded couple. The story goes that Abhaya spent her days in the temple-house praying to Shiv and taking care of the structures, hoping to one day be reunited with him.

Getting there:
From Dhaka to Jessore: One can either take a train to Jessore (costing Tk. 215 per person in the Shovon Chair class) or the bus (the Hanif bus costs Tk. 450 per person). If you are travelling on a Thursday, we definitely recommend the bus as the trains are usually packed!

We took the train on a Thursday and we had people falling on our laps during the journey. Oh and the humid stench in the air made matter worse. Both journeys have an approximate travel time of 8 hours.

From Jessore to Abhayanagar: Once you are in Jessore make your way to Monirhat bus station. You can take a rickshaw costing Tk. 15 per person. From Monirhat take a local bus heading towards Noapara and ask to be dropped off at Abhayanagar. The fare should be Tk. 30 per person.

From Abhayanagar to Bhatpara: From Abhayanagar we recommend you get on an auto heading towards Bhatpara. The fare is around Tk. 20 per person and you should tell the pilot to be dropped off by the river ghat. Cross the ghat via a boat (fare is Tk. 5 per person) and once on the other side, book a nosimon (the motorised vans) and tell them you want to go to the 11 Abhayanagar temples. We recommend you keep the transport because once you are deeper inside the village, getting a transport back can get tricky. Around 150 bucks for 2 hours should be a decent fare for the nosimon pilot.

Best time to visit: Avoid the rainy season. The road to the temple is mud laid and it can get very difficult to get there when it rains.

What to expect: Expect a hell lot of bats. The temples, left unattended, have become the home for hundreds of bats. The floors are filled with guano and beware, the closer you get to the temples, the higher the probability for you to be pee-ed on! Talk about bat-caves.

In your backpack: Water bottle, dry food, sanitiser, umbrella, glucose/saline and torchlight.

Nearby places to stay: The nearest decent place to stay is Hotel Hasan International in Jessore. Not your 3 star deluxe but you can get a double AC room here along with a commode toilet (not a pan is great news for many) for Tk. 600-800 a night.

Money matters: For a one day trip if you don't plan on staying the night, Tk. 1,500 should get you through the trip.

For photographers: Some terracotta plaques still remain so you want to take along your telephoto and macro lens along!

Adventure rating: The ideal scouting experience. 3.5 out of 5.0.

Style Report

Trend report

Summer silhouettes

Here comes the summer with its blistering heat waves and gales of north-western thundershowers; be prepared for all weather conditions. It is compounded for those of us who have to endure the power outages in the sweltering heat of Dhaka city.

What should you wear? It must be the first thing you try to address every morning. Light but not transparent, easy but not bohemian, sombre but not too dark, and finally loose but not too baggy as you need to appear professional wherever you are going.

I think to get inspired for a summer ensemble we need to be stimulated by our environment that is abundant in foliage, bright luscious fruits and white fragrant flowers. The earth is rejuvenated with spurs of excitement that arouse all our senses. You are very sensitive to the moist, heavy, humid air and certain shades of colour allure us during our summer moments.

This year nudes, neutrals and pastels could be good colours to watch out for. Always try to accent with summer bright. In style, modern women are looking for future classics. You can try basic shapes in luxurious styles but with today's economics your styles are worthwhile only if they can withstand seasons. The conflict and polarity of trends versus classics are matters of personal choice. Styles should be modernised to suit our changing times where form and function work together. Here are some styles that promise to have a lasting supremacy.


This summer experiment with pleating on your high waistline, creating a flirtatious feminine look. They easily add volume to the basic dress that could be topped with sleeveless, halter neck or short cap sleeves. It is advisable to have the bodice fitted, as it will accentuate your flairs. These ensembles could be knee length and be paired with patialas or harems. You could also go for the full lengths as they work great as lounge pieces. Stay with fine organic cottons this summer -- these fabrics are versatile and can be crushed to create a natural crinkle.


Clash of prints in vivid colours is the rage this summer. This is particularly suitable for the avant-garde, trend-seeking individual. Tribal patterns, ikats, tie and dye, stripes in vivid and bold compositions are big in bohemian styles. Mixed and matched to your desire these look befitting in printed leggings paired with easy ponchos or kaftans or even single shouldered blouses.

Shimmer and sparkle

A popular embellishment through most seasons, shimmer for the evening will continue to reign this summer. Tube blouses, spaghetti-strap short dresses or classic long-sleeved short blouses over mermaid skirts or narrow legged denims are great as party outfits. You can easily dress it up or down with matching bold accessories. I suggest a big hair look or headgear to add drama for the evening out.

The white shirt

This my favorite piece for the summer. You may layer with kimono jackets or oriental boleros or even a sleeveless vest to add structure and distinction. Stand mandarin, open collar or wide imposing styles are worthy. Pin tucks and pleats as details work on bodices with sleeveless, long or peasant sleeves. Shirts are probably extremely adaptable and multi-purpose. Shirts can be paired with culottes, short skirts, or flared long pants.

Feminine elegance

Even in summer you could exercise your rock chic and soft romance. It is best translated through your long dramatic pieces. The lengths have grown in our garments over the past few years and now the time has arrived to harness styles that move away from Arabian over-size cuts. Layer long halter dresses over short skirts or draped sari dresses over palazzos. Short peplum blouses with flowing chiffon tulip skirts are sure to make a grand entrance and transform you to a high priestess.


Dare to bare, or pile on the layers and play peek-a-boo. Chiffon or muslin sleeves, shear backs and neckline are fabulous arrangements on the framework of any chic ensemble. They are subtle, yet the gossamer fabrics are translucent and can be draped, ruffled and puckered to add texture and create point of interests in most pieces. An elegant summer dress can be layered on a sheer jacket or a long top may be paired with floaty wide trousers. Traditional tailored woven silk suits can be accessorised with light scarves and stoles.

Pastel pales

Cascading dresses with asymmetrical hemlines have caught on in a very big way. Strapless with long bell or lantern sleeves work best. Fitted bodices with flamboyant hemlines are in vogue. Backs are dipping down to your waistline and the front neckline is more demure. The cuts and drapes are theatrical while the colours converse a more subdued element.


This appears to be the evergreen, immortal fabric. Over the past half a century the fashion calendar has resurrected lace over and over again. Lace under shirts are very sexy, it works well on trousers and skirts but especially applicable on trimmings, collars, sleeves and so on. Lace saris are a classic worn by royalties and commoners alike. Printed lace patterns have also made a comeback and are used extensively as value additions.

Men's style

Androgyny is a word that can be easily applied to men today. They are far more ready to experiment than previously viewed. The silhouettes for men are equally diverse in mode. You address the summer heat in quite the same way as a woman but you have a little more freedom to bare in public in Bangladesh. I suggest you continue to try the form-contoured shorts in varying lengths but pick up the light cotton pairs instead of the denims. Go with bright colors in stripes or ginghams and pair with a white or any pastel hues. The contrast is sure to create interest. Drawstring pyjamas in solid or graphic prints add powerful imagery in simple styles. Pair with short or long kurtas, button-down shirts, T-shirts but be adventurous with your choice of colours. Ethnic styles really work well for most men universally. Caps and bandanas are superb accessories for the summers, try it.

Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Dhaka Style News


Style Update

Nitya Upahar’s new inclusion

Nitya Upahar, a well known store for promoting local culture and heritage is bringing in international flavour and vibrancy of youth in their line of products. The products of Grameen – Uniclo, sistern concern of internationally renowned fashion brand Uniclo, will be available in Nitya Upahar outlets from June 20.
An agreement was signed between the Managing Director of Grameen Uniclo, Tadahiro Yamaguchi and proprietor of Nitya Upahar Bahar Rahman.
The products of Grameen – Uniclo such as T- shirts, polo shirts, shirts and pants will be sold at affordable prices fand a part of it will be donated to Grameen Healthcare Trust.

Discount at Abartan

Fashion house Abartan is offering a discount on their products that can lead up to 50% in their outlets in Dhanmondi, Wari, Siddeswari, and Mirpur 10 showrooms. Different designs of Fatua, kurta, Sari and shalwar kameez have been displayed during this offering.

Summer collection from Kashban

Boutique house Kashban launches its collection of fashionable cotton outfits for this summer. Fatua for girls, and T-shirt, polo shirt, fatua and short panjabi for men are available in this collection. The outlet is situated in the 2nd floor of Aziz Super Market and the collection will be available here for both wholesale and retail purposes.
Address: 17 - 18, Aziz Super Market (2nd floor), Shahbag, Dhaka
Contact: 01916302020

Daddy’s day out with Dhaka Regency and Fit Elegance

Dhaka Regency has organized a special offer to celebrate Father's Day this year. Hosting in collaboration with renowned formal tailoring brand Fit Elegance, the hotel has arranged for a special discount card to distribute to select corporate dads of the city. With a progressive discount policy, bearers of this card can enjoy larger discount rates the larger their consumption. And since the card’s validity has been stretched from June 15 to June 30, multiple uses will be accepted at Grandiose Restaurant, Grill on the Skyline and Comfee Lounge of the hotel and all Fit Elegance city outlets. Father’s Day has just gotten more interesting!

 For more information, please call 01713332512…

Sadakalo celebrating Father’s Day

Fashion house Sadakalo is offering their customers exclusive gifts for this Father’s Day, dated June 17. Bags, mugs, wrapping paper, with ‘Baba’ written on it are among the main attractions of this celebration and other than that, you can also find nice Uttariya’s as gifts for your father. These products are available in the all the outlets of Sadakalo.

Summer collection at Kay Kraft

Kay Kraft has arranged a summer clothes display, Summer Fest 2012 which will continue for the entire month of June. The materials mostly used for this collection are hand stitched cotton, aadi, voil and andy. The colours mostly used are pink, sky blue, white, paste, lemon, peach and light purple. The designs are inspired by some flowers which are bred in this season and the nature's colour green is also used in different shades.
 Saris, kameezes, tops are available for girls. For men, you will find fatua, T-shirt and short panjabis. Children wear includes frock, tops, fatua, and T-shirts. The half shirts and formal shirts for men and the unique designs and cuts for girl's kameezes are the main attractions for the customers.

Available in Kay Kraft outlets in: Banani 11 road, New Baily Road, Shimanto square, Plaza A. R., Shobhabbag, Malibag near Mouchak, opposite to Mirpur 2 stadium, Deshi Dosh outlet in Bashundhara City level 7, Uttara Tower in Uttara Sector 3, Ajij Super Market, Shahbag and Chittagong Deshi Dosh

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Sylhet Travel Guide

Tourist Spots of Bangladesh: Sylhet


Sylhet is a major city located in north east of Bangladesh. Sylhet is located on the banks of the Surma river and is surrounded by the Jaintia, Khasia and Tripura hills. It is the 5th largest cities in Bangladesh. The Sylhet (Division) is well known for its Tea Gardens and Tropical Forests. The city is also known as the Londoni City for its long close ties with England especially London. 

Sylhet is known as the City of Saints, with the Dorgah (mausoleum) of the great saint Hazrat Shah Jalal, who brought Islam to Bengal in the 14th century. The Dorgah of Shah Poran and many others are also located here.

Journey from Dhaka to Sylhet

Kean Bridge and Al Amjad's Clock

You can go to Sylhet from Dhaka by Train, Bus and Plane, and also can have a direct flight from London.



Nazimgarh Resort

There are many good hotels in Sylhet, namely Hotel Rose View, Hotel Metropolitan, Hotel Dallas, Hotel Star Pacific, Hotel Supreme and Hotel Nivana Inn at city center and Nazimgarh Resort just few kilometers from the town.






Tourist attractions

Hazrat Shahjalal Dorgah

  • The Shrine of Hazrat Shahjalal and Shahparan


  • Jaflong

Sylhet-Jaflong Road

  • Srimongol Tea Garden

Tea Garden at Srimongol, Sylhet


  • Lawachara Rain Forest

Lawachara Rain Forest

  • Madhabkunda Waterfall

Madhabkunda water fall


  • Jaintiapur 

  • Gourgobinda Fort

  • Temple of Sri Chaitanya Dev


Photos of Sylhet